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Katie Price Is Taking The Public For A Load Of Mugs
Katie Price I'm A CelebrityGet excited: Katie Price will be soon heading back to the UK after her jungle triumph - well, she's flying back and no doubt she will create a stir.

Seems she has re-negotiated her I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contract so that she can leave early - after she has finished filming stuff for her ITV2 reality show, of course.

Unbelievably one of the scenes she hopes to film is a showdown with her ex-boyfriend Alex Reid. Remember she dumped him live on air, after leaving I'm A Celebrity. Guess some people will do anything for money.

In Katie's own words, "Viewers (or her ITV2 show) have seen what I went through in the jungle, and now they'll get to find out exactly what happens next. As ever, there's bound to be lots of drama!"

Don't people realise she's taking the public for a load of mugs - what's the fascination with a set of plastic boobs? After all, she's got no other talent - other than making money ...

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Katie Price Leaves The Jungle
Katie Price leaves jungleA tearful Katie Price has left the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! show.

Katie said, "I've had enough Everyone else, give them something to do. You've seen me struggle, you've seen me cry, shake, want to die.

I really don't want to be doing this. I miss my children. I’m hungry.

I want a nice bed and I don’t want to have to put myself through these horrible challenges."

ITV have confirmed that Katie Price has left the jungle and say that at the present time they have no plance to replace her.

At least the other I'm A Celeb contestants will now have the opportunity to strut their stuff and get noticed.

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Diamonds Belong To Cheryl Cole Forever.
"Diamonds are forever," says Cheryl Cole.

Actually what she wrote on Twitter was, "3 words. Diamonds are forever," and there was a photo attached of her wearing her wedding ring.

She's obviously trying to quash the speculation that her marriage to Cashley is in trouble.

Some of the rumours came about by her not wearing her wedding ring - because it 'clashed with her outfit' - hmmmm! And then there have been her so called friends discussing her relationship in the media.

Cheryl's increased fame and gossip about her heading off to the US for a Simon Cowell television series has no doubt unsettled Ashley Cole. There's a little jealousy as to who is the most successful.

Cheryl is a fighter and will no doubt do whatever she needs to do to keep her marriage in tact. Bit it'll take more than diamonds - she can afford her own now.

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Technicians Give Jedward A Helping Hand - Allegedly
John and Edward or JedwardThere have been accusations of cheating on UK's X Factor - and at the center of the row is none other than Jedward or, to give them their correct name, John and Edward. Well it had to be them, didn't it!

Some Technicians on X Factor have made claims that their hierarchy ordered them to turn down Jedward's microphones, and mask their voices with backing tracks, while performing on the show. Well if it can be done for Cheryl ...

X Factor, of course, denies this saying, "All the contestants sing live on Saturday night and are given an equal amount of technical support."

But one technician supposedly told the Daily Mirror, "The twins have had backing vocals on all their live performances so far. We are used to tweaking levels, it is part of the job, but what we were asked to do on Saturday was beyond a joke."

So what - only Simon and Dannii seem to think X Factor is still a singing competition. Really it's a good entertainment show. And any potential money making singers will do okay, whether they win or not. Take the show for what it is.

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Celebrity News Updates
Katie Price
Not sure that we want her there but Katie Price is heading for the jungle where she hopes to 'star' in UK's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Her mind is on genitalia! She said, "I bet I get to eat a willy (an animal one, that is!). I can't eat a willy! I have requested that because I have veneers (on my teeth), if there is anything nice and chewy, I better have a knife and fork - otherwise I won't be able to chew it." More info on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Edward Woodward
After being ill for several months the 79 year old British actor Edward Woodward died at the Royal Cornwall hospital in Truro. His family were with him. He is survived by his wife Michele Dotrice and four children.

Amy Winehouse
It looks as if Amy Winehouse will remain in hospital for a second night following 'a bad reaction to some cold medication'.

Billie Piper as Belle de JourBelle de Jour
The Belle de Jour blogger, who told of her life a prostitute from 2003 to late 2004, has been named as Dr Brooke Magnanti. She is currently working at The Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health. Her experiences were made into a television series The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and starred Billie Piper.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Serpent style jewellery has been designed by none other than Angelina and Brad in conjunction with top British jeweller Asprey. The net profits will go to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

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Celebrity News Updates
Tess Daly cleavageStrictly Come Dancing
Brucie is ill so Tess Daly will take over as the main presenter on Saturday. But who will do Tess's role?

Daniel Radcliffe
Despite photos in the Mirror, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, has denied that he has been smoking cannabis. The cigarette was simply a roll-up with tobacco. Harry's spokesperson said, "We are considering our position and will be taking all necessary action in relation to such allegations."

Robbie Williams
Take That fans are getting their knickers in a twist as Robbie joined the group on stage at the Children In Need concert. Robbie said, "I started tearing up just before I came on and the lads were singing. And I think we should have milked it for a lot longer than we actually did... That's the first time in 15 years, we should have least stayed there for 10 minutes." The concert will be on BBC1 on the 19th of November.

Leona Lewis
According to the Sun Leona Lewis has 'slammed' X Factor by saying: "It's all pantomime, of course. I do feel that when I did it, it was more about the music. Now it's a whole production - so many people on stage, dancing, special effects going off, all that craziness. It's definitely changed emphasis." Simon Cowell will be delighted at this.

David Dimbleby
Question Time presenter David Dimbleby missed his first appearance on the show for 15 years - he got kicked by a bullock!

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Katie Price Heads For I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
Katie Price glamour pose
Katie Price is heading back to the jungle in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! She'll be the first celeb to put in a repeat performance, but the £250,000 sweetener should keep her focused. Rumour is that she wanted £350,000 but that was declined by the producers.

Katie must be desperate, but she needs to do something as her popularity has taken a bit of a nose dive recently. She's probably down to her last £30 million now. Personally I'd like to see her voted out in the first round - but the I'm A Celeb editors won't let this happen.

The photo is from her Jordan 2010 Calendar.

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Celebrity News Updates
Kelly BrookKelly Brook
You couldn't make it up! Transport for London have ordered that Kelly Brook's buns must be bigger. The buns on her ad, that is, for her West End show Calendar Girls. It seems that TfL think the buns aren't big enough to properly cover Kelly's 32E assets. The photo on the right shows the original pic, but the ads you'll now find on the London Underground have been touched up and the buns have been enlarged.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson and his Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have had a baby daughter. It appears that 39 year old Oksana gave birth on Friday.

Cheryl Cole
UK's woman of the moment, Cheryl Cole, is following in the footsteps of Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Celine Dion, Lily Allen and Lady Gaga by having a number one in the UK singles and album charts at the same time with Fight For This Love and 3 Words.

Katie Price
The pneumatic Katie Price seems to have her knickers in a twist. She wrote on Twitter: "Come on haters attack me! You're right, I'm always wrong, I'm hated, I never do anything right do I, sorry for that!!" She followed this up with the Tweet, "You're all asking why hate me!! You obviously think I've done a lot wrong so give me what you think I deserve then leave me be please," and continued with a third: "Don't think some of you understand, DON'T attack my horses, my children, my family and DON'T attack Pete - only ATTACK me thank you."

John and Edward
Well they are still there. Jedward sailed through another X Factor show and maybe, just maybe, Simon Cowell is being forced to change his stance. He said, "We have to judge them now and it's difficult. I try to judge their singing but I now have to take into account that they have a fan base."

Michael Jackson
Death, as many have said before, is sometimes a good career move. Michael Jackson's This Is It has already pulled in over $100 million, with $21+ million in the USA alone.

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