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Celebrity Quick Snippits
Loius Walsh and X Factor
Louis Walsh, now back within the X Factor fold, had a dig at the other judges by saying, "I'll be the only person on the panel with my own tits and teeth". The other judges being Simon Cowell (of course), Sharon Osbourne and Danii Minogue. He went on to say, "I'm really excited to be back. I think Sharon, Simon and I have brilliant chemistry."

Billi Bhati evicted
Billi Bhatti, the 25 year old male model, was evicted from the UK Big Brother house last night, his scheming ways to no avail. Will he be missed - hardly!

Michael Jackson Healthy Or Not?
There have been rumours that Michael Jackson is in 'perilous health' and has alleged debts of $25 million. Michael's family, who he hasn't seen for 18 months, are so worried they have asked lawyer Thomas Mesereau to intervene. His publicist insists the rumours are 'untrue, defamatory and malicious.'

Does Kate Love William?
Kate Middleton will be with Prince William at Princess Diana's Memorial Concert tomorrow. Will they or won't they get together again as a couple? Depends if William will make a commitment. The Concert, however, should be a big success. Oh, and Chelsy Davy has flown in to be with Prince Harry at the event.

A Diamond Paris Hilton Quote
Paris HiltonThe columnist Dominik Diamond made me smile with his comment about Paris Hilton saying that people will now 'see a new Paris.' In answer to this Dominik said, "Oh Good. Because I've seen every single inch of the old one by now.' No doubt referring to her naughty videos etc.

Katie Price has given Birth
Kate Price, 29, previously known as Jordan, has had her baby. She says that her husband, Peter Andre, and her haven't decided on a name for the little one as yet. I suppose they've only had nine months to think of one! Peter said about the birth, "She's stunning. I'm totally excited and dazed."

Elton John Aids PartySir Elton John's Charity Do
Sir Elton John held a White Tie and Tiara party which raised over £6 million for his Aids charity. Mind you tickets were £3000 each. Elton set up his Elton John Aids Foundation back in 1992 and since then has raised something in the region of £52 million.

Brian Belo - Thick Or What
Is Big Brother inmate, Brian Belo, the thickest ever? Did anyone see him try to answer three banal questions yesterday? One of which was, 'Do girls poo?' Perhaps stupidity is now an essential to become a BB housemate. Even his local radio station, Essex FM, is urging listeners to get him booted out of the house.

For Konnie Huq fans go to In Praise Of Konnie Huq. Over 50 photos.

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Noelia Hot Sex Video Buzz
Noelia maximAs regular readers will know we have mentioned Noelia several times recently and have even given a link to the alleged sex video.

At the moment the buzz is that perhaps it was her stepfather who released the video - not saying this is the case, of course, just repeating what is now being rumoured.

Here's an odd thing about this whole Noelia sex tape business. Noelia's mother, Yolandita Monge, released her first album in five year at the same time as the video was first heard about. Now, if anyone was of a suspicious nature, they might think the two happenings were linked. Surely not! It is said, however, that Noelia's legal representative's want to press charges against whoever was involved with the distribution of the tape.

Since the Video was 'released' Noelia has been in Maxim mag, is recording in English, has been in Beverly Hills, is known worldwide, her mother has released an album ...

What an entangled web!

Other posts on Noelia:
Noelia Sex Video
More On Noelia And That Sex Tape
Noelia Video

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Spice Girls Reunion
Spice Girls in mid 90'sAs we reported earlier in the day the Spice Girls have reunited and they will do a tour in December and January. We can now give you the tour dates:

Los Angeles on Dec. 7,
Las Vegas on Dec. 8 ,
New York on Dec. 11,
London on Dec. 15,
Cologne on Dec. 20,
Madrid on Dec. 23,
Beijing on Jan. 10,
Hong Kong on Jan. 12,
Sydney on Jan. 17,
Cape Town on Jan. 20 and
Buenos Aires on Jan. 24.

All five Spice girls will be together, including Geri Halliwell "Ginger Spice", 34, who left the group towards the end of their reign. The other members are: Victoria Beckham "Posh Spice", 33; Melanie Chisholm "Sporty Spice", 33; Emma Bunton "Baby Spice", 31; and Melanie Brown "Scary Spice", 32.

Their declaration, according to Geri/Ginger, is that, “Money is not an issue. We’re doing this because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a Spice Girl again. Who would turn that down? For us, it’s about celebrating the past, and it’s about our fans. It’s really, really the right time. It was now or never.”

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Tatiana Golovin Wins In Red Knickers!
It's strange when the red knickers of Tatiana Golovin was the highlight of yesterday's Wimbledon tennis. I suppose the rain didn't help, and lots more is forecast, so those knickers made the headlines.

Tatiana Golovin won her match against Su-Wei Hsieh 5-7 6-3 8-6 but that barely got a mention! Tatiana says, "I'll keep on wearing them as long as I'm winning." And if she doesn't win?

Wimbledon is well known for it's strict dress code but Tatiana Golovin was able to stretch the rules as her skirt was at a lower length than the knickers. An official said, "Strictly speaking players can wear any colour undergarments they like but it has always been a Wimbledon convention to wear white - especially for the ladies." Tut tut!

Tatiana is 19 and a French citizen though she is originally from Russia. She likes to be called Tats and can converse in three languages - oh, and she plays a bit of tennis!

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Ana Paula Oliveira, Brazilian Football Referee, To Pose Naked For Playboy
Ana Paula OliveiraHere's a strange story. A soccer referee in Brazil has agreed to pose naked for the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine.

Now this is not a referee as we know them in the UK. She is Ana Paula Oliveira who is a bit of a controversial ref and even has her own official website. She looks quite pleasant too as you can see from the Ana Paula Oliveira photos.

The Playboy shoot has stirred up things for Ana Paula Oliviera as women referees aren't exactly common within the male dominated Brazilian football culture.

The chairman of the Refereeing Commission, Edson Rezende, is quoted, however, of saying, "The decision taken by assistant referee Ana Paula de Oliveira of having photos taken for a magazine is personal and, in principle, the Refereeing Commission will not adopt any particular attitude." A bit of a cop out statement.

Ana Paula OliveiraAfter appearing nude in Playboy could she continue with refereeing? Imagine the chants from the crowd after having seen her private bits and pieces. I remember the football crowd chants, in England, about Victoria Beckham - too rude to print here. But the answer is, "Yes she does!"

Ana Paula Oliveira is 29 but was recently withdrawn from the list of referees in the Brazilian Championship, after disallowing a legitimate goal in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Cup. However she still 'performs' in state games.

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Celebrity Quick Snippits
Charley Uchea in bikiniCharley Uchea & Big Brother
About Big Brother we wrote yesterday, "Was there a bit of a fiddle going on, by the programme makers, so that Charley Uchea wasn't nominated? They no doubt want to keep her in the house for a little longer, it would be dull without her."

Today the Daily Star catches up with our news! On their front page they have a banner declaring: 'BB Fix It For Charley To Stay In House' Nice to know we got the story first!

Michael Parkinson Leaves Talk Show
Chat show host Michael Parkinson is now stepping down as UK chat show king. He's reached the age of 72 and has decided to take time out to write his memoirs. What a book that should be. Michael has interviewed all of the biggest names over the last 30 years. Just a few include: John Lennon, George Best, Orson Welles, Miss Piggy, Muhammad Ali, Princess Anne, Woody Allen, The Beckhams, Meg Ryan, Tom Cruise, Tony Blair and so and so on.

Spice Girls in the 90'sThe Spice Girls Are Back!
As we have previously said the Spice Girls are getting back together - don't groan! They have announced today that they will be doing a world tour.

At the time, mid 90's, they were one of the biggest groups around. They were right, with their Girl Power, for that particular era - see photo on left.

There are now worries, however, about their vocal ability (wasn't there always?) and computers have been brought in to assist the girls. They will be able to 'sing' live but the computer can automatically adjust any flat or bum notes. Should be a busy computer but at least they won't have to mime on stage. Their spoksman would only say, "They all have great singing voices." Suppose he would have to say that!

Chantelle & Preston Split
Chantelle HoughtonChantelle Houghton and Preston (real name Samuel Preston), from UK Big Brother 7, are going to split up after only ten months of marriage. Chantelle was originally a Paris Hilton lookalike but she doesn't have the art of keeping in the limelight. Perhaps she should try a stretch in jail! As the fame of Chantelle and Preston has dwindled so has their love - ahhhh! At least they made a couple of million on the way up.

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How To See 'That' Galilea Montijo Video
Galilea vidWe have been inundated with requests for the link to the, so called, Galilea Montijo sex video that has been mentioned all over the Internet. In view of the massive interest here is the link. You can see some of the video, for free, by clicking here. Warning: You must be over 18 years of age.

Below is a photo of the 'real' Galilea Montijo. Remember that the video turned out to be a fake.

Galilea Montijo
To see other Galilea Montijo posts click here.

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Is It Charley Uchea's Cleavage That Keeps Her In The Big Brother House?
Charley Uchea CleavageCharley Uchea, who everyone seems to want out of the Big Brother House, has once more avoided being nominated for possible eviction.

The question is though: was there a bit of a fiddle going on, by the programme makers, so that Charley Uchea wasn't nominated? They no doubt want to keep her in the house for a little longer, it would be dull without her.

Charley Uchea Low Cut TopLast night she was up for eviction but then, because she and Billi talked about evictions, their own nominations were made void. As Billi had nominated Charley this meant she was safe yet again. So you break Big Brother rules and you actually gain an advantage ... doesn't seem right does it?

As Charley will therefore be in the BB house a little longer the Charley Uchea photos will remind us of what we will miss if she is ever evicted. Of course, she can't possibly win Big Brother but, with careful editing by the programme makers, she might just stay in longer than expected. Remember she was favourite to be the first for eviction, but she's a survivor.

Charley Uchea

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Racist Emily Parr? Or Was It Just A Joke? Either Way Charley In Tears
Photos Of Charley Uchea Topless

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Celebrity Quick Snippits
Yao Ming, the basketball player, is to marry Ye Li his long term girlfriend. It will probably be an August wedding once the couple have finished their current commitments - Yao Ming to the Houston Rockets and Ye Li to the National Chinese Team. In view of their heights (7'6" and 6'2") there should be same tall babies - in the future, of course. Mustn't start any rumours!

Noelia Noelia, while in the USA, said that she is working on an album in English. It just shows how that sex video has been good publicity for this Puerto Rican pop singer. She's now known around the world - and not just for her singing!

Jessica BielJessica Biel, the present love of Justin Timberlake, has scotched rumours that she is jealous of Justin's 'relationship' with Cameron Diaz. Jessica, the Minnesota girl, is said to be self assured and confident in the way her relationship with Justin is progressing.

Related Posts:
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Noelia Sex Video

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Paris Hilton Released - Video And Photo
As expected heiress and party girl Paris Hilton has been released from jail. The photo on the right shows Kathy Hilton giving her daugher, Paris Hilton, a welcoming hug.

Paris Hilton was all smiles on her release after serving just 23 days. She was met by the media but refused to answer any questions.

The Sheriff's spokesman, Steve Whitmore, said, "She fulfilled her debt. She was obviously in good spirits. She thanked people as she left."

Below is a Paris Hilton video showing her being released from Lynwood at about a quarter past midnight this morning.

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Pamela Anderson Photos In Las Vegas
Up to date photos of Pamela Anderson with Hans Klock at the opening night of their Las Vegas show, The Beauty Of Magic. In these Pamela Anderson photos she is wearing a special low cut silver bathing suit.

Hosted At PrestoShare.comHosted At

Hosted At PrestoShare.comHosted At

Other Pam posts:
See Pamela Anderson's Breasts Being Licked!

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Victoria Beckham's Nipples Wanted By LA Galaxy
Victoria Beckham at LA Dodgers As we all know Victoria Beckham wants to be big in the USA once David joins his new football (soccer) team LA Galaxy.
It seems that LA Galaxy would like Victoria Beckham to become a cheerleader, dashing about waving her pom-poms. They were seemingly impressed when she threw balls with the LA baseball team LA Dodgers.

Victoria BeckhamCan't see the ex-Posh Spice doing this myself. Not her style. I mean she even wore high heeled trainers when she was in the Dodgers photos. That's her on the right.

Victoria's more the dressing up, showing off, sort of girl - as we can see in the Victoria Beckham photos on this page.

She might be persuaded to do a one-off performance though for David Beckham's very first game with LA Galaxy. Her spokesperson is quoted as saying, "There are discussions about getting her to do a similar cheerleading thing for David's first soccer match."

Victoria Beckham's nipplesIn the meantime she is out and about flashing her famous Victoria Beckham nipples at every opportunity, in a discreet way obviously! She is, however, determined to get noticed one way or another. The photo, on the right, shows her arriving at LA airport.

On the street though Victoria hasn't got the fashion quite right for LA. It should all be a bit more relaxed. She went out with her mate Katie Holmes for a meal. Katie was dressed in jeans and Victoria wore a designer dress.

It seems that Victoria, the fashion guru, has a lot to learn about how things are done on the other side of the pond.

Further Victoria Posts:
A Short Skirt And Victoria Was Made Woman Of The Year
Victoria Beckham And Cameron Diaz Clash At MTV Awards

Other blogs:
Mike's Money Making Mission. Make money with free blogs.

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Galilea Montijo - From 'Sex Video Star' To 'Actress Of The Week'!
Galilea Montijo
As you will have read in previous posts, on this blog, Galilea Montijo shot to Internet fame when it was claimed she was the 'star' of a sex video. When asked to comment on the tape she simply replied, "I am not the person that appears on this video."

Her answer proved to be correct as the video was a fake. The woman in the tape turned out to be a porn star by the name of Monique Fuentes.

Galilea Montijo was previously only really known in Mexico,where she was born on June 5th 1973. The noteriety of the mentioned video has now gained her international fame. Surely it wasn't a set up!

To emphasise her new status the website AskMen even made her 'Actress Of The Week".

Galilea MontijoAnd, yes, she can act! At least in soap operas. She has been in a few since her first part in El Premio mayor in 1995. Galilea also starred in Mexico's version of Big Brother, which she won in 2002 and in 2006 she presented the Latin Grammy Awards.

As we have seen with Noelia, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson etc. etc. a rumoured sex tape creates massive publicity. The sort that money can't normally buy. So who will be the next 'star' looking for this sort of fame?

Other Galilea Montijo posts:
Galilea Montijo Finds Fame Through Sex Video
Galilea Montijo Photos And That Sex Video
Galilea Montijo

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Are Prince William And Kate Middleton Back Together?
Kate Middleton The question is: Are Prince William and Kate Middleton about to get back together?

It has been reported that they have been seen together and also that William invited Kate to an Army end of course party. They were described as being relaxed and comfortable in each others company.

Towards the evening William and Kate were dancing, holding each other tight, and this led to kissing and smooching. Their behaviour got friends laughing and joking that the couple should get a private room together. So William took Kate back to his quarters and ... well we can only speculate!

Prince William and Kate MiddletonNext Sunday they will defintely be meeting up again at Princess Diana's Memorial Concert which is being held at Wembley Stadium. Prince Harry will also be there with girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

The point about this William and Kate relationship is that Kate wants commitment - but does William? Lets see what happens next.

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Noelia Video
In view of the popularity of Noelia, on the Internet at the present time, I thought I'd post a Noelia video here today.

Noelia is virtually unknown to many readers and this is, therefore, an opportunity to present her to a new audience. In the Noelia video there is a chance to see her performing in a way that made her famous.

The video is called "Como Duele (Barrera de Amor)"

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Quick Celebrity Snippits
As Tom Cruise has now attained the highest level within the Scientology organisation (or is it a religion?) he is able to conduct Scientology weddings. The word is that he may 'marry' his close friend, and also a Scientologist, James Packer and his partner Erica Baxter. James is son of the business and media tycoon Kerry Packer.

The tosh some newspapers write. The Daily Star today writes that Charley Uchea has said, "I'm an actress." They say this is a 'sensational admission (which) proves her tantrums are a desperate play to become famous.' Sensational? Hardly, the Star really must be desperate for news to have this as their main front page story. Isn't, to become famous, what all of the Big Brother contestants are hoping for? Of course it is. That's Charley 'acting' on the left.

It's now been proved that Eddie Murphy is the father of Mel B's baby, Angel. Up until now Murphy has refused to accept that the baby is his but a DNA test has proved otherwise. Mel B would not comment on the news as she considers it a private matter. Mel B was quoted in OK! magazine as saying, "I will always love him, I couldn't hate Eddie. We had a dream life."

It looks as if Simon Cowell has been eating humble pie after his asking Louis Walsh to return for the next UK X Factor series. It seems that Louis supposed replacement wasn't up to scratch. This should mean a bigger pay packet for Mr. Walsh, than his previous stingy £1 million.

An Alcoholics Anonymous counsellor has told Britney Spears that she must stop drinking or risk losing her life. The counsellor says, "I told her that if she falls off the wagon I don't think she will live. I also told her: If you don't want to get sober for yourself, do it for your kids." He hasn't seen Britney for three weeks and fears she may be back on the booze. A recent photo of Britney on the right.

It seems that Michael Barrymore will have a wait before he knows whether he faces charges over the death of Stuart Lubbock. He may have a decision on August 1st when he answers bail.

and finally ... want to see Pamela Anderson's boobs being licked by a dirty dog? Click here

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More On Noelia And That Sex Video
Following yesterdays post about Noelia, and her now infamous sex video, I have been asked for a little more information about her. It seems that to a lot of the non Spanish speaking world she is virtually unknown.

Firstly here is a Noelia photo, this time with her clothes on! As you will see in this picture her hair is a fair colour as opposed to the darker colour on 'that' video (there is a link to the alleged video on yesterday's post).

Noelia is a Puerto Rican pop singer who was captivated by music at a very young age, Her main influence was her mother, singer/actress Yolandita Monge, who became a Latin American celebrity.

Noelia's debut album was released in February of 1999 and her her song "Tú" climbed Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks. Towards the end of 2000 Noelia issued her second album, called Ni Una Lagrima Mas

And now, of course, she is getting known worldwide thanks to allowing an ex-boyfriend to video her while they had sex. Will this boost her CD sales and make her a big name everywhere? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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See Pamela Anderson's Breasts being Licked!
I received these two Pamela Anderson photos.

As you can see Pamela Anderson was walking along the street, just like any other superstar does, and got chatting to a guy with a dog. A common occurance for sex symbols!

The dog, however, got a little too excited about Pamela Anderson's breasts and just had to have a taste! Pamela doesn't look too unwilling judging from the second photo.

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The Noelia Sex Video
The rumours about the Puerto Rican singer Noelia's sex vieo appears to be true. The video alleges to show Noelia and her former boyfriend having a very passionate moment.

This is following a now familiar pattern of Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and all of the others. A sex video gets released by someone or other and the star gets a load of publicity. At the moment it's Noelia who is being searched on the Internet - so not too bad a career move!

Okay the video can be seen here. I must stress that (1) this is only alleged to be Noelia and (2) you must be extremely broadminded and over 18 years of age to view.

noelia video

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Simon Cowell The Man With The Midas Touch
Today's post is a feature on Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell was born on October 7th, 1959 in Brighton, England but was brought up in Elstree. His father was a music industry executive as well as being involved with property development. So Simon had a good start in life.

He went to college in Dover but left early and moved from job to job. His start in the music business was when his father got him work in the mail room of the EMI - a large music company near London.

In 1984 he met Pete Waterman previously of Stock Aitken Waterman who produced and wrote many hit records including number ones for Kylie Minogue. Simon Cowell is quoted as saying, "I learned more from Waterman in a short time than I could have in an entire career with any major label."

Things went well at first but he was forced into bankruptcy in 1989 and was so skint he had to move in with his parents. The same year he started to work as an A&R consultant. This led to a reasonable degree of success with many hit records but the real Big Time was still to come.

Big Time shows made Cowell famous worldwide. This started with Pop Idol in the UK and American Idol in the USA. His acerbic comments made headline news, created controversy and turned him into a star in his own right.

The X Factor televison show followed and then came America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent.

It's hard to estimate Simon Cowell's wealth, though it must be somewhere in the region of £125/$250 million. His present income could be anything up to £23/$46 million per year.

His long term girlfriend is Terri Seymour though he is said to have been unfaithful to her - according to the News of the World newspaper. In fairness though Simon has always made it clear that he does want to settle down or have children.

At the moment the man has the midas touch and will no doubt continue his amazing success.

Further reading: Paul Potts Wins Britain's Got Talent

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Chanelle and Ziggy Have Sex
News Flash Quickie.

Chanelle bikiniThe Daily Star newspaper today reports that Chanelle Hayes and Ziggy Lichman have had full sex in the Big Brother house.

They say that 'sizzling footage captured by the show's infra-red cameras reveled the sexy blonde whipping off her top as the pair got down and dirty.'

The footage of Chanelle and Ziggy was not shown by Chanel 4 on their highlights.

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Quick Celebrity Snippits
Kimberley Stewart, Rod's daughter, has won a lingerie modelling contract with Ultimo's Adore Moi range. Kimberley is 27 and is also going to be seen on our screens in a reality show with Kelly Osbourne. Kimberley Stewart photo on the left.

Mel C of the Spice Girls has admitted that the five girls are planning a get together. There have been rumours that they may perform at the Princess Diana memorial concert. Mel C wouldn't confirm this.

Connie Talbot, the six year old girl who was one of the runners up to Paul Potts in the Britain's Got Talent television show, is set to get a record deal. That guy Simon Cowell again?

Bernard Manning, the comedian, died two days ago and many of his, sometimes not very PC, jokes have been circulating. Here's one: "I went to see Pavarotti sing last week. Terrible, miserable man. He doesn't like you joining in, does he?"

Bruce Willis says, "I would really love a son, or two sons, or three more girls." His handicap is that he hasn't anyone in mind to be the mother. He's not too concerned by this. 52 year old Bruce said, "That's the good thing about being a guy - it doesn't matter how old you are."

Charley Uchea's cousin, Kieran Richardson the Manchester United football star, is quoted as saying that he doesn't want anything to do with her following her appearance on Big Brother. He's upset at references to himself, her bitchiness and her boasting about goings on with other footballers. Charley is still hanging in there on the BB program. She can't be voted out again this week.

George Michael will be a guest in the next series of Ricky Gervais hit television show Extras. No doubt Ricky will find a lot of humour based on George: his driving ban, his community service, his toilet cruising etc. etc.

Danielle Lloyd was spotted at Ascot races yesterday, hopefully not dressed as in the photo below! And to think she was supposed to be conquering the USA - you have to smile! Dream on Danielle.

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Paul Potts Wants A New Smile
Paul Potts Following on from the previous post about Paul Potts he has been talking about the money he has won.

Paul says that the first three essentials, to come out of his £100,000, are firstly £30,000 to cover his credit card debts, then a holiday for him and his 26 year old wife, Juli Ann, and thirdly to get his teeth fixed.

Simon CowellPaul Potts is very conscious of his uneven teeth that he has, until now, been unable to rectify. Now he wants to smile in confidence as he moves forward into his singing career. He doesn't think he'll get Simon Cowell style veneers though!

Paul has defintely given up his job at the Carphone Warehouse. His life is changing rapidly since he wowed Simon Cowell and the other judges with his version of Nessun Dorma. He's now ready to start recording his first album under the guidance of Simon, who has signed him up.

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